Adobe Photoshop 2021 for Beginners: Complete Beginner to Pro Illustrated Guide to Master Graphics Designs

Adobe Photoshop 2021 for Beginners: Complete Beginner to Pro Illustrated Guide to Master Graphics Designs and Image Editing Skills
English | ASIN : B08X75445J | 2021 | 37 pages | AZW, EPUB, PDF | 57 MB

Learn Everything About Adobe Photoshop by Reading Just One Book!

Welcome to Adobe Photoshop 2021 user guide, you must have probably heard of Adobe Photoshop, if not, it is an imaging and graphic design software for designing photos, creating 3D artwork and editing videos. It doesn’t matter if you have experience of graphic design or not. Photoshop is capable of creating and editing different types of images that contain diverse layers. It utilizes various color modes to produce excellent image outcomes. Furthermore, Photoshop also features multiple tools that help in the editing process and add extra effects to images.

Meanwhile, it is not compulsory to be a photographer or graphic artist before you can begin to explore the Photoshop software. Virtually everyone can get started with Photoshop because it is also useful in editing and retouching your captured pictures. This user manual has been packaged to guide you step-by-step with graphic illustrations so as to turn you into an expert in using Photoshop within the shortest time. In this concise user guide, you’ll learn:

The anatomy of photoshop main interface
How to manipulate adobe photoshop toolbox
How to work with layers
The power of photoshop composition
How to use the format and character panel
How to use text on shape tool
How to stylize and warp
How to make and modify selection
How to create rectangle and elliptical selections
How to perfect squares and circles
How to feather a selection
How to correct contrast, color, and clarity
How to colorize a photo
How to open a closed eye
How to draw and paint
How to splash color
How to do simple makeover
How to crop, resize and straighten images
How to lighten and darken an image
How to smudge away rough spot
How to use photomerge
Indispensable shortcuts, tips and tricks
… and lots more

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